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About Us

ACG Mission: Organize the world’s medical knowledge and data.

ACG Vision:  Do the right thing for the patient and our partners.

Our Purpose:  To solve the same problems for which some of the first medical libraries were established.

Customer Economic Objectives

- To protect patient and employer costs and quality of care by ensuring that the provider’s workflow has embedded coding, approved guidelines, and up-to-date knowledge navigation.

- To protect the physician and hospital payments with mobile evidence-based structured documentation and outcome data as a by-product of patient-centered care and treatment guidelines.

- To protect the payor and government costs and quality by ensuring transparent guidelines and clean claims data are available within the care delivery systems and physician workflow.

Executive Summary

ACG’s unique multidisciplinary team has developed a patented breakthrough technology that organizes and navigates the world’s medical knowledge and databases via a new computer language - PALATKA-C.  PALATKA-C is cloud based and utilizes natural language & algorithms to generate clinically based web-native applications for our proprietary knowledge platform. These massive algorithms are database-free, allowing full flexibility and adaptability of the cloud for real-time application, modularity, responsiveness, and maintenance available anywhere in the world.


For data interoperability and analytics, we present a single ICD-10 based open source structured database for financials, eligibility, revenue cycle, and clinical documentation called Clinical Natural Archive (CNA). ACG’s expert system’s disruptive architecture creates value for patients, providers, payors, and employers by eliminating errors and unnecessary tasks from the documentation, coding, and communication efforts inherent in today's healthcare system. ACG product integration into physician, hospital, and payor operations provides a significant step forward in managing risk, delivery of appropriate coordinated care, and clean claims data mirrored in clinical documentation.


Why has this not been done before? It really comes down to timing and a number of pre-existing problems: systems on a chip were not powerful enough, cloud developers were not experienced enough, web runtimes were not efficient enough, and teams were not physician led. ACG has designed and implemented a clinical documentation and revenue cycle management point of care platform for accessible patient care, useful clinical data, coding, radiographic registry, and data analytics that eliminates inefficient tasks and costs that do not contribute to improved patient care.


ACG’s revenue model creates an annuity stream of recurring annual licensing fees from clinical knowledge bases, ICD-10 coding, Medicare compliance tools, and data. Worldwide acceptance will accelerate because the system is easy to use, requires no training, and is available in 100 languages. Our elegant, intuitive design accelerates physician productivity and patient care by creating turn-by-turn navigation via our robust instructional knowledge bases. ACG is the Google Maps of the process of diagnosis, treatment, risk, and payment by tracking where one is in the care process at all times. Our 2018 work will focus on industry partnerships, distribution, & integration. ACG has all three of the important criteria for success: great team, great idea, and great timing.

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