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A65-A69 Other Spirochetal Diseases

A65 Nonvenereal Syphilis

Other spirochetal diseases A65-A69 >


Nonvenereal syphilis A65- >


Applicable To


Endemic syphilis




Yaws A66- >




frambesia (tropica)


Clinical Information

A systemic non-venereal infection of the tropics caused by treponema

pallidum subspecies pertenue.

An endemic, infectious, nonvenereal disease in humans that presents

mainly in children younger than 15 years. The disease occurs primarily

in warm, humid, tropical areas of africa, asia, south america, and oceania,

among poor rural populations where conditions of overcrowding and poor

sanitation prevail. Infection with treponema pertenue, a subspecies of

treponema pallidum, causes the disease.

Tropical systemic non-venereal infection caused by treponema pallidum

subspecies pertenue.


Pinta [carate] A67- >


Clinical Information

An endemic bacterial infection caused by treponema carateum. It is

manifested with chronic cutaneous lesions. The early lesions consist

of papules and erythematous plaques. The late lesions consist of

hypochromic, achromic, hyperpigmented and atrophic lesions. The late

skin lesions may cause destruction of bones and cartilage and produce

disfiguring changes.

An infectious disease of the skin caused by treponema carateum that

occurs only in the western hemisphere. Age of onset is between 10

and 20 years of age. This condition is characterized by marked changes

in the skin color and is believed to be transmitted by direct

person-to-person contact.


Relapsing fevers A68- >


recurrent fever

Clinical Information

An acute infection characterized by recurrent episodes of pyrexia

 with asymptomatic intervals of apparent recovery. This condition

 is caused by spirochetes of the genus borrelia. It is transmitted

 by the bites of either the body louse (pediculus humanus corporis),

 for which humans are the reservoir, or by soft ticks of the genus

 ornithodoros, for which rodents and other animals are the principal




Nonvenereal Syphilis

A66 Yaws

A68 Relapsing Fevers

A69 Other Spirochetal Infections

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