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Coronavirus Testing - Connecticut

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Call your primary care provider if you have symptoms for information regarding local testing locations. Providers decide if testing is needed.


If you do not have a primary care provider and you have the symptoms of COVID-19, call ahead to an urgent care center or to a federally qualified health center to be evaluated for testing.


Testing is only being conducted for people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Some hospitals have drive through testing, which, like all coronavirus testing, is only available with a doctor's order.


If you have symptoms, but cannot get in touch with your provider, call one of the following hotlines:


  • Hartford Healthcare Hotline: (860) 972-8100
  • Yale New Haven Health: (833) 484-1200
  • Bristol Hospital Coronavirus Info Line: (860) 261-6855
  • Stamford Health: (203) 276-4111


For more information, visit Connecticut's coronavirus website or call your local health department.


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